The Office Series Tracker

The Office is BY FAR my FAVORITE series!

I am always up for re-watching The Office any day, any time. Micheal Scott is HILARIOUS, Dwight is just Dwight, and Jim and Pam are one of my favorite TV couples and beyond goals!

Since I am huuuge fan of the series, I decided to dedicate a tracker just for this show alone!

The Design

I decided to go for something TV inspired. I used Adobe Illustrator to draw the TV sets and the logo for the series. I then used Adobe InDesign to design the layout of the page. After adding the TV sets, I added the episodes for each season so that I do not have to write or draw anything by hand afterwards.

Now, whenever I decide to rewatch the series, I can just cross / color out the episodes seen.

Download Tracker

The above tracker is available for download in 3 sizes. Download the size of your prefernce and start tracking!

Who is your favorite character from the series?? Let me know in the comments below!

Also, if you are not a fan of the series and you just happened to come across my post…

Cross-Stitch Patterns

I honestly love the show so much that I created multiple cross-stitch patterns, if you are interesting in creating The Office inspired cross-stitch, check out my shop!

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