Duolingo Tracker – Free Printable

My New Year resolutions will always include “Learn a new language”

Honestly nothing beats the feeling of crossing off items on a To Do list and coloring boxes in a tracker. It even feels best when it is a tracker you can refer to daily and you can quickly start seeing your progress.

If you have been trying to learn a language for a while on Duolingo, or it is on your 2022 resolution, then below is the perfect tracker for your Duolingo lessons!

The Design

Start by writing down the language you are planning on learning and then the date you started learning.

The top box is where you write down the skill from your Duolingo application. The skill could be: Introduction, phrases, people, restaurant, etc. It will depend on what your application says.

Now moving to the 5 squares, each one of the squares represents a lesson. Once you finish a lesson, you color a box. Once you finish all 5 of the lessons, you would have finished learning that specific skill.

Download Printable

What language are you learning this year? Let me know in the comments! Yo aprendo espanol! 🙂


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