DIY Embroidery Floss Bobbins and How to Organize Your Embroidery Floss

Material Embroidery Floss Bobbins TemplateCardboard / thick paperScissorsEmbroidery FlossPen / pencil (optional for those who want to label the bobbins)Hole punch (optional) How To 1. Print out an embroidery floss bobbin template on a piece of cardboard / thick paper If you are looking for a bobbin's template, I have one available in my shop,... Continue Reading →

DIY Embroidery Keychain | Cross-Stitch Keychain

You know what is better than a normal keychain? A customized embroidery keychain! I just love gifting people customized gifts that are made specifically for them. Customized embroidery / cross-stitch keychains are a great item to gift because 1) can be customized and 2) they are used all the time! Here's how I have been... Continue Reading →

How to Back an Embrodiery Hoop with Felt | The Easy Way

Embroidery hoops are the PERFECT way to frame your finished embroidery pieces. Not only does hoop framing look good, but it is the easiest! I have tried multiple techniques to back an emroidery hoop. However, the method I am sharing in this post is my favorite. It's definitely my go-to method; it's easy, cheap, fast,... Continue Reading →

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