FREE Habit Tracker Printable

“We are what we repeatedly do.”

This is hands down one of the templates that I can not live without. I use it monthly to track my habits. It includes mostly things that I need to be doing daily/weekly (or at least do my best to do).

Drawing the tracker is a time consuming task, so I always go for an easy template. It saves me a lot of time and it looks pretty neat!

Habits you could track: Reading, exercising, cleaning, taking your medication, eating healthy, blogging, face wash…etc. Honestly there are a tons of habits you could track, but it really depends on you.

The Design


You can print it on any size you want so that it fits your bullet journal. You can also add some washi-tape or stickers to pimp up the tracker!

You can either stick to tracking in one color or you can dedicate a color of each habit on your tracker.

Download Printable

Make sure to adjust the size when printing so that it fits in your journal.

Did you download it? Let me know in the comments below! 😀

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