Tracking Yoga Workout In My Bullet Journal

I’ve been trying to create a Yoga Workout Tracker in my bullet journal for quite some time now…

Since I’m new to Yoga, I didn’t think it would fit doing one of those challenges that mention the movements that I’d have to do every day alone. I’m new to the extent that I don’t even know what are the moves to begin with.

SO! I found a channel on YouTube called Kino Yoga with many videos that have a span of 30 days and different levels… AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT INEEDED

Yoga Workout Tracker


For the font, I used the following image that I found online:



I doodled bunch of images from an image that I also found online



Just made a swirly line along my page with 1.5 cm width boxes. I also added a small sentence at the end to finish it off. If you have more space, you can write a quote you like.



PS: My boxes are around 40 something boxes. I did it on purpose because the design looked better this way & I thought it would be nice to track more than 30 days since hopefully Yoga will become a habit of mine! 🙂 


2 thoughts on “Tracking Yoga Workout In My Bullet Journal

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  1. Hi, do you know where can I find this font? I would love to use it too, I would have to download it to be able to use. Thank you very much


  2. Hello! The font I used was from a picture that I found online long time ago and not a font that I downloaded. I no longer have the picture saved anywhere, but you can refer to the picture I have in the post and draw the font like I did. 🙂


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