Bought Cool Ruler Stencils! ^_^

If you’re living in Lebanon such as myself, you’d know that finding journaling accessories is hard and the stores that have them are very limited. & when you finally DO find a place, it’s usually expensive as hell.

HOWEVER! I was going for a run the other day and went into a store called “Brands For Less”… I did not find a lot of things, but it had pretty neat stuff. I was able to find washi-tape (But didn’t get any because they were all christmas themed and it’s currently 28th of January.) I also found plenty of sticker papers that had cool designs.


Among all the awesome stuff that I saw, I found some really cool ruler stencils! I obviously bought them because:
1) I can’t believe I don’t have any
3) I can now officially have neat drawings in my bullet journal! ^_^

1 2 3 4 5

NOTE: These are found at Brands of Less in Lebanon. I got them from the branch found at Kaskas for 5,000L.L., but the store has several other branches.


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