Crochet Crayon Amigurumi Keychain | Free Pattern + Video Tutorial

Colorful crayon keychains? Yes please! This pattern is fun to make and great for beginners. You can make so many of these with so many different colors! This pattern can also be customized by stitching someone's name on it! Let's start... Measurements Diameter: 3 cmLength: 12 cm Material Light-weight cotton yarn 3 mm hook 6... Continue Reading →

Infinity Cube Crochet Pattern

What is better than a crochet toy? A crochet fidget toy! What is fun about this toy is that it is super easy to make and super fun as well! Material Cotton yarn in 7 colors (6 for the cubes and 1 to join the cubes) 3 mm crochet hook Needle Scissors Toy stuffing Stitched... Continue Reading →

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