Striped Sweater Crochet Pattern

This sweater was actually in my “unfinished projects” pile for a while now. I finally got around to finishing it. I was a bit frustrated because I had to frog one of the sleeves cause of a small mistakes which was the reason I put it on hold. Howeeeever, now that I managed to finish it I am so excited to wear it! It turned out just as I wanted it to… All shades of pink and I am here for it!


  • Yarn
  • 5 mm hook
  • Darning needle
  • Scissors

Stitches Used | Abbreviations

  • Slip knot (sk)
  • Slip stitch (sl st)
  • Chain (ch)
  • Single crochet (sc)
  • Double crochet (dc)
  • Double crochet increase (dc inc) – 2dc in 1st
  • Double crochet decrease (dc dec) – 1dc in 2st
  • Back loops only (BLO)
  • * * – repeat sequence


  • The number at the end of each row in () indicates the number of total stitches.
  • The ch3 at the beginning of each row counts as a stitch
  • Change color at the end of each row


The sweater is designed to be a bit cropped and to be worn on high-waist pants. You can add length to the sweater if you wish to make it longer. It is made up of the following parts:

  • Front panel
  • Back panel
  • Sleeves x2
  • Cuffs x2
  • Collar
  • Bottom Ribbing


The below pattern matches my personal measurement (I wear usually wear size XS/S). However you can definitely adjust it if you want. You can add stitches to increase the length of the sweater as well as add rows to make it wider.


  • Front & Back Panels

Row 1: sk, ch60 (which dictates the width of the sweater. ch more if you want it bigger), ch3 (counts as a dc), dc in the 5th chain away from the hook, *dc* all across (60)

Change color at the last dc

Row 2-31: ch3, *dc* across (60)

Row 32: ch3, 22dc, dc dec (24)

Row 33: ch3, dc dec, 21dc (23)

Row 34-39: *repeat 32-33*

By the end you should have 17 stitches.

Cut the yarn and finish off.

Go back to R32. Attach a piece of yarn 25 stitches away from the left edge of the panel.

Repeat R32-39 on the left while doing the decreases on right (where the neckline is located)

  • Sleeve x2

Starting with the ribbing of the cuffs

Row 1: sk, ch11, *sc* all across (10)

Row 2-28: *sc* all across BLO (10)

Turn your work to the right to start working on the side

Row 1: *sc* across (28)

Change color

Row 2: ch3, dc inc, *dc, dc inc* all across (42)

Row 3-4: ch3, dc in the same stitch, *dc* all across (44)

Row 5-24: ch3, *dc* all across (44)

Row 25-41 : ch3, dc in the same stitch, *dc* all across (61)

  • Stitching the Sweater

When stitching, you are going to be working on the inside of the sweater. This way when you are done, you would turn it inside out and none of the stitching will show.

Align the two panels and sew the top of the shoulders together by slip stitching excluding the neck part (a total of 20 stitches on each side).

Lay the two panels flat on a surface, and then lay the two sleeves while wide open in the middle of each side. Attach the sleeves to the panels by slip stitching the sides. Then fold the back panel on top of the front panel and sl st the sides and the sleeves.

  • Collar

Make sure you are working on the outside of the sweater when crocheting the collar and bottom ribbing.

Attach the yarn to the first stitch near the top of the shoulder

*sc* all acround to create the neckline

Row 1: ch11, *sc* across (10), 2sl st in the next two stitches in the neckline

turn your work around and skip the 2sl st that you just made

Row 2: *sc* across BLO (10)

Row 3: *sc* across BLO (10), 2 sl st, turn, skip the 2sl st

*repeat Row 2 and 3* all around the neckline

  • Bottom Ribbing

Repeat the same pattern you did for the collar, but this time to the bottom of the sweater.

Aaaaaaand the sweater is done!

If you enjoyed this pattern, let me know in the comments below, and make sure to share your creations on Instagram @MoreThanKnots.

A tutorial is also available on my YouTube channel!


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