Crochet Checkered Phone Pouch

I LOVE this phone pouch SOO much! It is just great to constantly have a place for your phone that is very accessible. I personally prefer to keep my phone out of my hands to avoid dropping it. Putting the phone in my pocket can be annoying as it could restrict my movement, and also some of my outfits do not even have pockets! Despite putting the phone in my bag or backpack, it makes it annoying to have to go through my bag every time I want to check my phone…. SO! This is why I love this phone pouch even more every day!


  • Yarn in 2 colors
  • 2 mm crochet hook
  • Needle
  • Scissors

Stitches Used | Abbreviations

  • Slip stitch (sl st)
  • Chain (ch)
  • Single Crochet (sc)
  • Increase (inc)
  • Double Crochet (dc)
  • * * – repeat the sequence


  • The number at the end of each row in () indicates the number of total stitches.
  • Rounds are joined with a sl st.
  • When double crocheting, start the round with a ch3. The ch3 at the start of each round counts as a double crochet.
  • For this pattern the hot pink yarn will be referred to as Color 1 and the baby pink yarn will be reffered to as Color 2


Using Color 1

Round 1: ch24, sc in the 2nd chain from the hook, 21sc across, 3sc increase in the last stitch, 21sc across, sc inc in the last stitch (48), sl st in the first sc to close the round

Round 2: [6dc, change color] x8 (48)

Round 3: [6dc, change color]x7, 6dc (48)

When finishing Round 3, do not change color, continue using color 2 to start Round 4. This way you will create the checkered pattern as you go up.

Round 4: repeat R2 (48)

Round 5: repeat R3 (48)

Do not change color at the end of Round 5 and contiue to Round 6 with the same color.

Repeat the pattern in rounds 2 and 3, until you reach Round 21 or until you reach the desired length that matches the height of your phone.

Round 22: using color 1, ch1, *sl st* all around to create a hem. (48)

You can leave as is or you can add a strap. To add a strap, secure the yarn at the corner of the pouch and chain 240 (or whatever length you desire). Once you reach the desired number of stitches, sl st in the second corner of the pouch and then *sl st* all the way till the first cain.

Once done with the strap, cut the yarn and weave it in.

If you enjoyed this pattern, let me know in the comments below, and make sure to share your creations on Instagram @MoreThanKnots and on TikTok @365DaysofDana.

A tutorial is also available on my YouTube channel!


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