FREE Weekly Spread Printable: Watermelon Slices

How do people go through their lives without a weekly spread?? A weekly spread is literally what keeps me on track and on top of things. I need my daily To Do lists to know what needs to get done!

The Design

The design is spread over 2 pages. It includes all 7 days of the week along with a “notes” section. Use each day to write down To Do lists or what not.

I personally prefer a dotted grid; this way I can make sure I write in a straight manner. Also, it is easier for me to draw boxes or simple drawings with a grid.

The below is a sample page! I use the watermelon slices on top to put the date, and them I write simple to do lists in the boxes. I usally write BIG tasks in the Notes section or things that I want to remember, or quotes, etc.; it can really be used for anything.

Download Printable

Let me know what do you think of this weekly spread! I usually go for something simple and easy, if you prefer other weekly spread layouts, let me know in the comments below and I would be happy to create them!

If you are interested in other watermelon themed trackers and layouts, check out my previous posts:


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