DIY Weather Kawaii Printable Stickers

These stickers make weather tracking extra cute! A smiling cloud? Don’t mind if I do!

I have always wanted to track the weather in my bullet journal. However, I definitely would not want to be doodling a sun every day of the year. Also, let’s face it, I neither have the time nor the ability to draw them extra cute as when I do on my computer!

If you are interested in creating similar stickers, continue reading!

1. Design Your Stickers

I used Adobe Illustrator to design my stickers. It is the software I am used to, but you can use any other softeware you are comfortable using; there are even free softwares out there that you can use.

The designs do not have to be complicated; whatever you feel like drawing, just go for it. You can even find free PNG images online that have free license which can be useful. You can even draw the kawaii weather doodles by hand and then scan them!

The point it, just use what is available for you and do not let drawing pads/softwares hold you back.

How to paint with fills and strokes in Illustrator

2. Adding Cut Lines

Once you are done with your drawing, make sure to add cut lines. Cut lines come in handy when you want to insert your files in a cutting machine, or just make it easier and neat for when you want to cut them by hand.

3. Save Your File and Print It

It is very important to save your file in the right format. When I add my stickers to my shop, I save them in PDF, PNG, JPG.

I mosly use the PDF format to print my stickers on white paper (1.6 mm thick) and then cut them by hand. It is just cheaper for me to do so and I would not have to go to the printing shop, which makes it easier to print many stickers.

4. The Stickers Are Ready to Be Used

If you’re using sticker paper, just peel the sticker off and stick it in your journal. If you are using normal paper, cut the sticker out and glue it using glue stick or double sided tape.

You can now track the weather with using cute stickers!

If you would like to have the weather kawaii stickers I designed, you can check them out in my shop, here!


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