FREE Monthly Sleep Log Printable

Sleep is the best meditation…

Having a good night’s sleep is no secret for being good for your health. A good night’s sleep is not just important to energize your mood and remove dark circles from under your eyes, but also for maintaining your emotional well-being. It provides balance for both – your physical and mental health.

For a good lifestyle, you need a good night’s sleep.

I follow my sleeping schedule religiously! I have read about sleeping cycles before, and I am all for the science behind it. Plus, I am of a morning person by nature, and my favorite hours of the day are the early morning of the day. So, when I don’t sleep early and get enough hours of sleep, I will have a bad mood throughout the day, be irritated, and definitely less productive.

There have been moments in my life where I have lost track of my sleeping due to some chaous and eventful times. To keep track of the amount of hours I sleep and my sleeping schedule, I track my sleeping.

… aaaaand here comes my next printable, “Monthly Sleep Log” printable. Simple, easy, and to-the-point printable. The printable helps you in keeping a log of your hours of sleep or naps. It’s a great way to reflect on it at the end of the month and see how your sleeping schedule has affected your daily life.

The Design

For each day of the month, color or highlight the hours that you slept; in the AM or the PM.

Download Printable

Are you a “morning person” or a “night owl”? Let me know in the comments below!

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