March Calendar 2017 for Your Bullet Journal!

Another month, another calendar for the bullet journal!

The Design

Decided to go with a simple design this month. I enlarged the boxes a bit to benefit from the space. I also designed it in a way that if it was folded in half, it would happen to be exactly at the line that separates Wednesday and Thursday. 


What It Looks Like

You might be wondering what’s up with all the balloons… That is because this month includes MY BIRTHDAY!! 😀

I decided to do a bit of birthday-themed decoration that was also useful as a legend for the calendar. I color codded events based on their type (eg: university, work…etc.), and to avoid any confusion, I added what each color represents around the balloons! and I’m LOVING IT


Type of events included in my calendar: University Classes, University related (eg: events / meeting / GA work), Work, Important Deadlines, Personal (eg: Hanging out with friends, running,…etc.)


If you like my design, feel free to save it right here >>> 



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