7 End-of-the-Year Journal Prompts for Self-Reflection

Since 2016 is almost over, this is the perfect time to finish your journal with a few pages that wrap up the year!

Here are:

7 End-of-the-Year Journal Prompts for Self-Reflection

1. Things I’m Leaving Behind: List things, personal characteristics, or bad habits that you aim to stop doing in the next year.

2. Review the Resolutions of the Previous Year: It’s always great to look back at your previous resolutions and see how much you have accomplished and what changed. A lot happens over the course of a year, so you’ll learn more about how you grew and the direction you’re heading in.

3. Things I did for the First Time: Look back at the days that has passed and jot down all the things you did for the first time- no matter how small!

4. What Went Good: You know all those things that made your year pretty awesome? Right them down. You’ll want to remember those one day.

5. What Would I Have Done Differently… and Why It Isn’t So Bad: We all make mistakes. You can’t change the past, but you can write down what you could have done differently if you had the chance to go back. Follow that by what would have gone wrong if you did actually change the past.
(Personal Experience: I would have joined a different team for my Senior Year Project… BUT if I hadn’t joined that specific team, I wouldn’t have gotten to know the people on the team and how horrible they were, and would have trusted them in the future with different matters.)

6. Lessons Learned: Mistakes might have become part of the past by now, but you can learn from them. Write what you have learned throughout the year.

7. Count Your Blessings: Count all that made your year special and be thankful.

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